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The RDF version of the specification is also embedded in the HTML of this document, or available directly from the namespace URI by content negotiation. In addition to the FOAF vocabulary, one of the most interesting features of a FOAF file is that it can contain see Also pointers to other FOAF files. FOAF documents describe the characteristics and relationships amongst friends of friends, and their friends, and the stories they tell. The remainder of this specification describes how to publish and interpret descriptions such as these on the Web, using RDF/XML for syntax (file format) and terms from FOAF. RDF Interest Group members can help with issues which may arise; there is also the [email protected] Regarding underlying technology, FOAF uses W3C s RDF technology, an open Web standard that can be freely used by anyone. It is built using decentralised Semantic Web technology, and has been designed to allow for integration of data across a variety of applications, Web sites and services, and software systems. FOAF and Standards It is important to understand that the FOAF vocabulary as specified in this document is not a standard in the sense of ISO Standardisation, or that associated with W3CProcess. For example, one interesting relationship type is foaf:depiction. The FOAF demos that feature photos and listings of who is in which picture are based on software tools that parse RDF documents and make use of these properties. This revision of the specification consists mostly of editorial improvments. FOAF was designed to be used alongside other such dictionaries ( schemas or ontologies ), and to beusable with the wide variety of generic tools and services that have been created for the Semantic Web. As such it describes the FOAF vocabulary and the terms (RDF classes and properties) that constitute it, so that Semantic Web applications can use those terms in a variety of RDF-compatible document formats and applications. The FoafVocab page in the FOAF wiki lists a number of extension vocabularies that are particularly applicable to use with FOAF. Meanwhile Leigh Dodd s foaf-a-matic has been the data creation tool that has been most people s gateway to FOAFdom.

Rather, this is just our understanding of copyright. To create a FOAF document, you can use Leigh Dodd s FOAF-a-matic javascript tool. org/ and a foaf:img relationship to a thing called http://rdfweb. Status of This Document FOAF has been evolving gradually since its creation in mid-2000 yahoo ids for sex chat. Instead of covering all topics within FOAF itself, we buy into a larger framework - RDF - that allows us to take advantage of work elsewhere on more specific description vocabularies (eg. 1 Introduction: FOAF Basics The Semantic Web To a computer, the Web is a flat, boring world, devoid of meaning. Abstract This specification describes the FOAF language, defined as a dictionary of named properties and classes using W3C s RDF technology. Secondly, there are mechanisms for saying which RDF properties are connected to which classes, and how different classes are related to each other, using RDF Syntax and OWL. FOAF is now arguably better documented in Japanese and Spanish than in English, thanks to Masahide Kanzaki and Leandro Mariano Lopez (inkel) respectively. 0 etc can also be mixed in with FOAF terms, as can local extensions. And last but not least, Marc Canter is in a class of his own. The authors welcome comments on this document, preferably via the public FOAF developers list [email protected] Also Morten Frederiksen s FoafExplorer, Daniel Krech s Web View aggregator, Jim Ley and Liz Turner s work on FOAFNaut, which alongside FOAFbot, ˆhave been instrumental in showing how FOAF data can be collected and used yahoo ids for sex chat. The co-depiction experiment shows a fun use of the vocabulary. FOAF is an application of the Resource Description Framework (RDF) because the subject area we re describing -- people -- has so many competing requirements that a standalone format could not do them all justice.

process: Clarified that the specification version and URL are not 0. FOAF files are just text documents (well, Unicode documents). This copyright applies to the FOAF Vocabulary Specification and accompanying documentation in RDF.
. The underlying technology part is completely supplied by W3C s specifications. This is a pity, as in fact documents on the Web describe real objects and imaginary concepts, and give particular relationships between them. FOAF as a vocabulary cannot incorporate everything we might want to talk about that is related to people, or it would be as large as a full dictionary. This means that SAX and DOM XML parsers are not adequate to deal with RDF/XML. For a good general introduction to FOAF, see Edd Dumbill s article, XML Watch: Finding friends with XML and RDF (June 2002, IBM developerWorks). It doesn t really matter what filename you choose for your FOAF document, although foaf. Information about the use of FOAF with image metadata is also available. The FOAF RDF namespace, by contrast, is fixed and it s identifier is not expected to change. com domain name and associated documentation. Evolution and Extension of FOAF The FOAF vocabulary is identified by the namespace URI http://xmlns. FOAF also owes a lot to the folks at Ecademy, TypePad and elsewhere for showing how end users can share FOAF self-descriptions on the Web without ever seeing a line of XML syntax. .

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