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Other tools, costing up to hundreds of dollars, do exist to allow Mac and PC computers to network together. You will need to purchase our ROM card and you will have the option to then install your computer s ROMs into the ROM card. To extract the ROMs and install them on the card, first remove the cover from the Macintosh. The look-and-feel problem - While many Macintosh applications do have Windows equivalents, most Macintosh users prefer the look and feel of the Mac OS and the way that the applications look and behave on a Mac. Download SoftMac XP - get both Classic Edition and Xpress Edition right now updating mac bios. In other words, a 500 MHz PC running Windows 98 can emulate the equivalent of a 300 MHz Macintosh Quadra running Mac OS 8. Both version include a more intuitive user interface over SoftMac 2000. The SoftMac XP Suite comes with some additional software, including the Fusion PC 3. PowerPC native applications are also not supported at this time. We also offer additional third party Macintosh software such as Mac OS 8 and Claris Works, shareware software for the Mac, as well as Macintosh ROMs for use with SoftMac XP and other Macintosh emulators. They are relatively inexpensive and can be plugged out of most Macintosh II computers because they are usually socketed (except in the IIcx).

Run most Macintosh programs - our current emulators run about 90% of all System 6, System 7, and Mac OS 8 compatible Macintosh software. In effect, transferring the functionality of your Macintosh computer into your PC updating mac bios. 40 pin ROMs (such as from the LC III) are not supported directly without using additional sockets to sit on top of our card and are not recommended. For MS-DOS users we offer a free product called Fusion PC 3. A PC running MS-DOS cannot run SoftMac since SoftMac is designed for use on Windows only. Please check the ROM chart below to make sure you have the necessary model of Macintosh to create the ROM image with. Our solution, since we developed it in 1997, is to turn a PC into a Macintosh clone, and to run Mac OS and Macintosh applications directly on the PC. It features fast 68040 emulation with an extremely small disk footprint. Emulators legend: G = Gemulator 2000, S = SoftMac 2000/Classic/Xpress, P = planned for a future SoftMac release, F = Fusion PC Macintosh. You do own a Macintosh computer that is functioning. For each Macintosh ROM we list the models of computers that the ROM was used in and the unique checksum of the ROM.

All of our emulators run Mac software very quickly, typically delivering 50% to 70% of the clock speed in emulation. Read Macintosh disks - read your Macintosh floppy disks, CD-ROMs, Iomega ZIP disks and other Mac disks directly. If you can read it, note the part numbers on the two chips - the first one is 342-220-A, the second chip is 342-221-A.
. Once you unplug the ROMs from the Macintosh, installing the chips is easy. Install the chips in numerically in the order listed in the chart below so that SoftMac will detect them correctly. If you own a functioning 68K based Macintosh computer, you can run a ROM dumping utility (which we supply) on your Macintosh and save its ROM BIOS to a disk file. If you wish to save some money and purchase just the ROM card without pre-installed ROMs, or you are an existing customer with a ROM card already installed, you can add your own Macintosh ROMs to the ROM card. We even provide such a reading a Mac formatted disk that contains a common file such as a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, Photoshop document, or a GIF or JPG or HTML file. It is recommended for use on older 486 and Pentium systems running MS-DOS, or Windows 95/98 MS-DOS Prompt windows. If you are flashing BIOS #1, you need to put the BIOS switch at #1. Your results will vary depending on the exact type of PC you are using, the amount of RAM present, the version of Windows being used, video drivers, etc.


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