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USB Flash Drive While the Trio can be updated in all the same ways that VVX phones already support there is a new capability provided with the Trio: using the local USB port. Provisioning Server As previously covered in this article a centralized provisioning server can be deployed, or an existing deployment designed for other Polycom SIP phones can be leveraged by the Trio. Part 4 Updating an AirPort Router 1 Open the AirPort Utility program in your Utilities folder. You ll access your router s configuration page by entering its IP address into a web browser on your computer. This will usually give you one file with an unfamiliar extension. You can get these files from the Support sections of these sites. ) While most any USB flash drive should work for this process it is recommended to use a USB 2. Part 3 Installing Router Updates 1 Connect to the router via Ethernet. This will erase all of your router s settings, possibly disrupting your wireless network if you changed any default settings for it. Perform a web search to find the support site.

Leave the phone alone for a few more minutes and it will automatically reboot upon completion of the firmware update updating a firmware. ld” and then reinsert the USB drive into the phone updating a firmware. If your router does not, or you don t have access to the physical router, follow these instructions to find it. The AirPort Utility is only available on Mac OS X and iOS devices. Many routers have a button that will check to see if a new version of the router s firmware is available. You ll need to reconfigure your network if you made any changes to the default settings previously. getCategories = getCategories; function filterByCategory(records) { return $scope. Device Update Service The Microsoft native firmware update process that was added to Lync Server 2010 to support Lync Phone Edition devices has been supported by Polycom VVX phones for over two years now, as of the initial 5. When the download is complete, open the [Printer_name]. This will open the View network status and tasks window.

  Note that it is not possible to load the wrong firmware on a device in the event that the software packages are somehow mixed up between these various products. Save these files to the root of the USB drive. You can access your router by entering its IP address into your web browser.
. ) Extract the master configuration file ( 000000000000. After the Trio is back online the new version number can be verified from the following menu: Home > Troubleshooting On some early models of the Trio the USB process may not work as described above. Your router will likely reset afterwards, which will disconnect you from the network for a few moments.   As stated because the Trio uses the same base UCS platform then the Trio will adhere to any existing DHCP, LLDP, or other network configuration parameters specific to the IP phones. filter); } function getCategories() { return ($scope. Many routers don t have any username or password required. This program allows you to change your AirPort router s settings.


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updating a firmware

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