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  After this gang is distributed the China force on that road will reach from Ogden to Bitter Creek, a distance of 250 miles.   The remains of the the females are left to rot in shallow graves while every defunct male is carefully preserved for shipment to the Occident. it has been a difficult thing to find these names, as the 1852 index was done by the DAR, and page numbers do not collate with the actual census. he had just placed upon the work all the Indian tribes living in the great basin of the Humboldt, consisting chiefly of the Pah-Utahs, Cowchillas and Washoes. Having spent time in the Cut, I would agree that 40 would be max, assuming each man had a shovel, and every 4 or 5 a wheelbarrow. Nothing was mentioned of any injury or death resulting from actions of the other road, however speed dating in layton utah. Each division is in charge of an American foreman, who keeps the time book for each gang under him. Did any of these workers become deceased, and therefore part of the 1,200 noted in July, 1870 speed dating in layton utah. Charles Crocker announced as a New Year s resolution a mile a day for every working day in 1868.   We understand the Chinese Companies pay the Railroad Company $10 for carrying to San Francisco each dead Chinaman. Many of the railroad workers turned miners lived out their lives in Tuscarora, and were buried in a Chinese cemetery. The year before, in the winter of 1864-65, two wagon road repairers had been buried and killed by a slide at the same location. Trains are shunting in from the west with supplies and materials for the day s work.

As the wire uncoils it is carried upon the poles and made fast to the insulators. Governor Stanford held the Chinese workers in such high esteem that he provided in his will for the permanent employment of a large number. [12] [11] [12] Sabin, Building the Pacific Railway, 112. came to Truckee and filled up all the old buildings and sheds. We have assurance from leading Chinese merchants that, under the just and liberal policy pursued by the company, it will be able to procure during the next year not less than 15,000 laborers. The reporter who told the story mentioned that below Cisco Chinamen are swarming all along the road.   Four thousand out of work railroad laborers became Tuscarora miners. Jim Livingston, Sharp s able foreman, said nothing but went to work and loaded a point of rock with nitro-glycerine, and without saying anything to the CP let her rip. What at first seemed confusion to the visitor soon is the aim of this third gang to keep pace with the rail gang. Well, 1200 deceased workers is a heck of a long stretch from the 137 that are noted in news reports of the day. The two companies blasters work very near each other and when Sharp & Young s men first began work, the CP would give them no warning when they fired their fuse. At the end of track, 307 miles from Sacramento between Mill City and Winnemucca, the train trip ended.   A search had to be done, page by page, name by name.

Blackwood has rendered surgical attendance to the wounded man. This Sam Thayer claimed he could speak half a dozen Chinese dialects. Hay grain and all supplies for the men and horses had to be hauled by teams over the deserts for that great distance.
. [Accompanying illustrations not yet available. As an illustration of the hurry, I may mention walking two miles over the hills after dark and staking out the east end of Tunnel 12 by the light of a bonfire. ) The following is a listing of the Chinese workers, and their ages. Bloomer Cut work started – Placer Herald, Feb. Bloomer Cut accident – Placer Herald, April 16, 1864: Horrible accident – Yesterday on the deep cut of the of the Pacific Railroad, near town, some of the workmen under the superintendence of Mr. Tuscarora was the largest Chinese community in. Then comes a wagon bearing a reel of wire which unrolls as the wagon goes ahead. The report by Chief Engineer Montague, dated November 25, 1865, says that the total number of workers at work on January 1, 1865, as graders was 300. The log, fifty feet long by forty-two inches in circumference, landed in a cut with one end against the bank and the other on a rail. We want to get a body of 2500 trained laborers, and keep them steadily at work until the road is built clear across the continent, or until we meet them coming from the other side.

Many of them are becoming very expert in drilling, blasting and other departments of rock work. .

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