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If he wants to be dating her, then he should do something – ask her out. Unless we re talking about an asexual person, the sort of romantic relationship a Nice Guy dreams of will eventually include sex. Even if you don t want to, you always have sexual thoughts about her in the back of your mind. Some women are going to have issues with their partners socializing with other women. So here goes: PREMISE 1: Nice Guys (or Nice Gals, there are plenty of them too) are emotionally unhealthy people. Selfish men and women (translation: teenagers) find themselves in these types of situations all the time, and no one is generally evil or even malicious. I bet you I could find 12 people who say that they hate guys who use negs very easily. This isn t the first time I ve noticed that DNL tends to favor emotional punch over rhetorical precision, and when he s not specific as to who s *not* a nice guy (which is always) it s easy to falsely mislabel yourself as that. Guest I just don t make friends with women I m not dating nice dating profile sample. The notion that the woman doesn t know that the Nice Guy wants to sleep with her is simply wrong and can t be used as an excuse for basically exploiting another person. A little over a year ago, such a mindset and karmic outlook ‘yielded fruit’, for lack of a better term. I still have a couch, and a TV, and a fridge, and prepare meals on a regular basis, though, and it sure would be nice to watch a football game (ok maybe not this year), or a dvd, or just hang out and share a meal. They generally mean, I wish I had what currently attracted me to my boyfriend, plus more kindness. ) and you ll probably find at least a few. I d really like one of them to be someone I have a romantic relationship with. What are you giving back in these scenarios.

Look at the amount of contempt they put forward towards a guy who has the audacity to care about a girl and try to get to know her before trying to get into her pants. Gentleman Johnny Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. I totally feel where you are coming from. Orv As a dad with a new baby I d like to offer a counter to OBS s point. Conversely, me being with her made her happy. This is all your right as an autonomous human being, fellas. Nerd Love, go write an article about THAT, just to make sure you’ve explored this issue in its entirety. It came up during the sex wars in the 80s which had as their catalyst debates within the feminist community over pornography and S&M, among other things. I was asking why you were interested in being friends with the social group that was closing ranks against you nice dating profile sample. I keep seeing women s magazines with lists promising to give readers the top ten, twenty, or fifty sex tips to drive men wild. It has everything to do with the fact that you, simply, are not friends with women. Or, But sometimes I m clumsy when we re goofing around and I accidentally whack my girlfriend without meaning to. Finding someone physically attractive also doesn t mean you can t truthfully also find them a good friendly person. And means, I don t trust you to treat the women you date well either. In the near term, all it will get you is alienation from men AND women who accept that cultural baggage even when they know nothing about it. Um, I think it s pretty ok to be pissed if your boyfriend/SO refused to be emotionally supportive of you.

Maybe it s a typo, but your second paragraph doesn t make any sense to me when you write It IS entirely about being nice and then expecting a relationship to come out of that. Gentleman Johnny I must just be a special snowflake then. The men in my life are people with whom I have seen heaven and hell.
. I always thought you had to build a good friendship first. (This is ignoring the guys who treat women as delicate flowers and feel the need to be overly nice because it s their idea of chivalry. Things I ve personally seen are *way* more credible than that. ) Not to mention, there have been several *male* commenters here who ve said they have female friends they don t want to sleep with. nodge 2) You owe me for all the time and effort I put into you. But Meyer requires that his female friends have attributes that his male friends don t need. eselle28 Why are you so opposed to shaming Nice Guys. Trooper6 No one has to teach the PUA instructors anything. Thinking only about use-value means you ll hang out with the guy who rapes and beats his girlfriend because he ll get you a job. Not sure I m understanding that you re trying to say though… kilo_ Have you read Julia Serano s essay “Why Nice Guys Finish Last” in the feminist anthology Yes Means Yes. I viewed girls as people with whom I wanted a relationship, and not objects with whom I only wanted sex, but it was still an utterly toxic way to approach building that relationship. The complaint is about Nice Guys who get to know her solely as a way to get into her pants without having to admit that s what he really wants. We both, to my mind, totally sucked at that.


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