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During the period of the Paris Commune uprising in 1871 the Republican calendar was again briefly used. Today, as a result of research undertaken by Sven Gronemeyer and Barbara MacLeod (on the ideology), Dr. ”) and directed them to the facts and the truth. This calendar has no concept of year numbers; it simply repeats at the end of the complete 365 day cycle. Day 0 is deemed the idiotic January 0, 1900 (at least in Excel 97), and negative days and those in Y10K and beyond are not handled at all mayan calendar dating. The first month, Caitra, is 30 days in normal and 31 days in leap years mayan calendar dating. These two specifications are incompatible, as 366 day years defined by the equinox do not recur on a regular four year schedule. I m sure this was all done in the interest of the “efficiency” of which Microsoft is so fond.

In the Julian calendar every fourth year is a leap year in which February has 29, not 28 days, but in the Gregorian, years divisible by 100 are not leap years unless they are also divisible by 400. In the Julian calendar the average year has a length of 365. PC Excel day numbers are valid only between 1 (January 1, 1900) and 2958465 (December 31, 9999). By starting in 1904, they avoided screwing up 1900 as they did on the PC. Days are numbered with Sunday as day 1, through Saturday: day 7. Modified Julian Days are widely used to specify the epoch in tables of orbital elements of artificial Earth satellites. 530588 days, with the calendar only slipping one day with respect to the Moon every 2525 years. The Gregorian calendar is a minor correction to the Julian.

365… days, with a mean length of month of 1/12 this figure, or 29. Here we assume Excel dates represent Universal (Greenwich Mean) time, since there isn t any other rational choice. You will frequently see date of manufacture codes such as “00W09” stamped on products; this is an abbreviation of 2000-W09, the ninth week of year 2000.
. The date December 30th, 0 in the Gregorian calendar corresponds to January 1st, 1 in the Julian calendar. Julian days simply enumerate the days and fraction which have elapsed since the start of the Julian era, which is defined as beginning at noon on Monday, 1st January of year 4713 B. Unlike the Haab calendar, in which the day numbers increment until the end of the period, at which time the next period name is used and the day count reset to 0, the names and numbers in the Tzolkin calendar advance in parallel. Sometimes I feel that the only hope for the truth about 2012 is that future digital archaeologists will sift through the data-byte debris and put the pieces together correctly. I took the opportunity to jump into this pool of sharks for one reason only: to try to convey the one fact that nobody in Hollywood wants to hear.


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