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Many were simply given for free if the military deemed them too worn for future service. straight back strap with the older trigger – M1911 but not an A1. as long as they get into circulation is what is important. I have it safely tucked away in the vault. Now even though Truman declared the war ended on Dec 31, 1946, the last Japanese soldier did not surrender until the early 70s. Roughly half of all soldiers decided to keep their service rifle and sidearm for sentimental reasons mandating run.

make sure someone can only buy one of any model. I don’t think it has had more that a box of ammo through it since WW2. I thought it was to defend the Constitution. Dad, due to the nature of his work, had a weapon close by even when on a ship. I should suggest the various Nigerian Embassies all over the world could help in doing this identification number as these embassies do with the issuing of new passports and passport renewals. milesfortis General Officers who are issued specially made ‘GO’ serial numbered M9 pistols and accouterments.

Evidently you don’t need them, you haven’t the testicular fortitude. the problem with socialism is it is very close to communism. The general Navy has veered far from issuing people their own weapons.
. All my uncles however is know would have liked their service rifles. Before throwing stones in the market lets always check if our neighbour is not there. .

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