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Lava is magma that reaches the surface of our planet through a volcano vent. (In my opinion, the anonymous critic is engaging in a little sleight-of-hand of his own. Daniel Mayer knappingA researcher shapes obsidian through a technique known as knapping, which was used during the Stone Age to make sharp-edged tools. The conditions which caused the false isochron in this case are fairly well-understood, and easy to avoid by proper sample selection. The canyon must be younger than the rock layers that it cuts into lava rock dating.

The mantle is the source of much of the sampled flows material, and Austin s sampling technique matches the technique one would use to obtain a minimum for the age of the flows source lava rock dating. As discussed above, whole-rock samples of multiple flows yields the time since their common source was isotopically homogeneous. If it is not the flows age, that is not a problem with isochron dating, and it is not relevant to the large number of Rb/Sr isochrons which were computed from mineral separations of a single object. If Austin wishes to make a case that all isotopic results are unreliable (which he desires to do, in order to prop up the timescale that he accepts for religious reasons), he is going to have to do better than he has done here. I would recommend that future prospective critics attempt to deal directly and explicitly with the three items in the criticisms section above.

Thus, it is misleading for Austin to pretend that his resulting isochron plot should be expected to represent the age of the flows themselves. It is misleading for Austin to claim that he set out to test Rb/Sr isochron dating. Increased viscosity impedes crystallization, and the lava solidifies as a glass.
. Magma is composed of molten rock and is stored in the Earth’s crust. Criticism of ICR s claims This was not a test of Rb-Sr dating.

Austin was aware of this, as his 1988 reference to Faure shows. .

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lava rock dating

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