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com A federal judge in Massachusetts has ordered the gay agenda taught to Christians who attend a public school in Massachusetts, finding that they need the teachings to be engaged and productive citizens.  Homosexuality (called sodomy in the Old Testament) was a crime punishable by death in ancient Israel (Leviticus 20:13).  Tragically, the Devil s children are even forcing the homosexual agenda on Christian children in public schools. Romans chapter one goes into depth explaining the progression of wickedness that leads to a homosexual lifestyle. Jewish rabbis are frequently in the news, with charges of child molestation highlighted. The Abomination of Homosexuality Homosexuality is an abomination according to the Bible (Leviticus 20:13). Indeed, Clinton is a woman-hater, and documented evidence proves he has brutally raped at least two women. Strangely, the seal, or coat of arms, of the Order depicted two knights riding on one horse.   The homosexual agenda not only includes Same Sex Marriage but they have successfully pushed forward their lifestyles to the public over the television sets conditioning the public to accept their perversion and depravity. The filthy Reverend Jones had his choice of boys, girls, and grown-ups among his congregation as sex partners.     Two versions of the official seal of the Knights Templar, precursors of the Freemasons.

Interestingly, Hitler and his henchmen intensely disliked feminine gay men, even sent many to concentration camps. The sin of homosexuality scares me to death gay brigham dating. As a result the churches joined in with the liberal media in labeling Falwell as a hatemonger. Like Bakker, Assembly of God television preacher Jimmy Swaggert also was a sexual deviant-reportedly into porno literature, trampy prostitutes, etc. No one is born gay, because God doesn t make mistakes. Schumaker brags that Disney is actively recruiting homosexuals and that already, There are a lot of gay people at every level in the company. Corrupt Congressmen back in Washington know, but they are too busy running their own sex rings to care.   Gay Jews and Hollywood Jewish rabbis and intellectuals are into homosexuality in a big way. Beria would have his chauffeur drive him around Moscow in a limo evenings searching for a young girl or boy out walking alone. Actress Sharon Stone said she relished her role in one film as a masculine lesbian lover gay brigham dating. Michael Eisner, a Jew and head of Disney Corporation, is actively pushing the gay agenda, as are most other Hollywood moguls—almost all of whom are Jewish.

Today, the Masonic youth group is even named the DeMolays. Even Jerusalem World Report, a prominent Jewish publication, has admitted that the kingpins of the ecstasy drug trade are Jews based in Israel. He now resides in the Manhattan apartment the gay couple share.
. After taking a break to eat a sandwich, they noticed that Jesse had stopped breathing.   He was released the next day on $3,000,000 bond to go back to Las Vegas to finish a music video. Reportedly, Congressman Gary Condit also wears leather and homo-fascist garb when in bed in threesomes with men and women. Was this an emblem of their homosexual passion or, as the Templars protested, a statement of their brotherly love. Genesis 18:24-33 shows that God could not find even 10 righteous souls in Sodom. One report says that Bill Clinton and a former pal, Arkansas Governor, Winthrop Rockefeller, had a fling. Alexander the Great was a homosexual who loved little boys. Less known is the fact that before he rose to become the Fuhrer, in the 1920s, Hitler sexually abused Richard Wagner s grandson, Wieland Wagner ( Time magazine, August 15, 1994, p.

What horrible fate transpired to such victims I do not wish to recount here. .

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