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Anyway, I am in agreement that this person has crossed a line. And I didn’t make any judgment on her personal life, just said I wasn’t a part of it filipina dating ny nj. While a dom’s role is to guide the sub and push past limits, a good dom will take into account his sub’s overall life and not make things uncomfortable for her at work, with family, etc. I’m actually quite proud of this woman for standing up for herself and her relationship. I do wonder though how good the sex must be for her to be motivated enough to call him master in public.

Physical intimacy is a very small part of the dynamic for many people. (To be clear, she wasn’t saying that other people should call Peter their master, but that they should say ‘your master’ or ‘Sally’s master. This isn’t about sex; this is about acknowledging the legitimacy of her relationship with her Master. If I was asked to do this in the workplace, if this were even tolerated in the workplace, there would be blood. Asking “Where did you and Master go this weekend.

That would make me uncomfortable in that environment, and I’ve been in some very odd situations before. :D That has (almost) made this whole baffling story worthwhile. It’s also kind of reassuring to see that everyone else finds this as mindboggling as we do.
. There is no reason for anyone else in her workplace to have to refer to this person as her “master. Telling her to “grow up” is just wrong.


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