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Sara talked to Kendra who told her she wanted to talk to a woman she had met in town and had given her flashes of her past lives. She was also present at the police station when Thea Queen was released, and later when her father was arrested for working with the vigilante. Sara mentioned that perhaps she should be honest with Palmer dating over 40 washington dc. Savage contacted himself in the other time periods, then traveled to 2021 to cause the explosions at the same moment in all the three time periods. Heywood told them the entire history was at risk now he had the Atom’s suit. He gave her some advice and referred to his own experience as a military commander and that he was now willing to make the decisions because he believed in his men.

After Sara revealed this to them, Oliver asked if it could cure Slade. During a banquet Sara complimented Guinevere on how she had ambushed Sara in the forest. Maya decided to steal the fragment of the spear against Stargirl’s wishes. Rip comforted her and told her she was one of the strongest persons he knew and that Kendra and Carter could still be saved. [16] As Peter and Anatoly argued over handing Hendrick over to Slade, Sara got the idea to use Hendrick to kill Slade. She weakly walks over to them before collapsing and passing out Oliver runs over to her and manages to counter the poison causing her to wake up and gasp for air.

She then leaves Starling City, trying to draw the League away from her family, but not before making her father promise not to tell Laurel that she is alive. Stein explained to the team that the meteorites had given him immortality but because he would expose them in three different time periods at one he would make himself vulnerable dating over 40 washington dc. The seventh time was in Doomworld, when in a rewritten reality created by the Legion of Doom using the Spear of Destiny, she was thought to be dead by Amaya after they got separated in a fight against Mick, Nate and Ray.
. Jax mentioned how his screenplay seemed to give hints to where the spear could be. Her kiss felt like she had been kissed by the first time and it made her realize how much she can hurt her feelings. Sara, Leonard and Rory wanted to join, however Rip told them Sara was enough.

During the fight Sara fought the female and Kendra told her to get the bracelet the female was wearing. .

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