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  She will feel a compulsion to test the waters.   Beneath that laser-like stare pants the heart of a tiger, and the soul of a hamster.   Does not every organism seek to expand its habitat and multiply itself with geometric abundance. “They don’t mind at all what age she is as long as she’s vital and gorgeous or something attracts them. A whopping 34 percent of women over 40 are dating younger men, according to a 2003 survey.   Advances in health and technology have expanded the sexual marketplace shelf-life of women who, in previous eras, would have been invisible to the average man.  Willingness To Raw Dog Cougars love raw dogging.  Crazy Ex-Husband Stories To justify her solo existence, the cougar has developed a sophisticated rationalization mechanism, which has calcified into certitude with the passage of time.  Kids In The Background…And When Shes Ready, In The Foreground A cougar knows that her younger male prey is innately repelled by the sight of another man’s spawn.   And yet…we do so desire to be loved, and to give love in return.

” In fact, the stuff of the past may be what keeps her from dating men closer to her age altogether. “It caused an awful stir — and not a good one. “They’re looking for companionship, sexual contact, and someone good to talk to and spend time with.   The expert cougar hunter will not flinch at this critical juncture.   Cougars love to bask in the unbounded energy of a hound hurling himself about the house, tongue lolling about, ever subservient to her demands.   You will be expected to buy intoher religious ideas, or at least pretend to listen to them, whatever they may be. While there’s no denying that cougars are slinking into the mainstream, there’s still an element of taboo surrounding these age-spanning relationships.   I must confess, chevalier that I am, a measure of sympathy for the plight of the modern cougar. Wheeler isn’t either, but she’s warming up to the term—slowly cougar dating age.  Fixation On Younger Womens Clothing Styles In an attempt to recapture her lost party-girl, carousel-riding youth, the cougar will become more and more shameless in wearing clothing designed for girls 20 years younger.

“Without even knowing someone’s age, you can be sure I’m going to gravitate toward the younger guy.   Consider how intrepid Columbus burst the bonds holding man to the Old World, and exploded into the fragrant fields of the New World.   She usually has brood to provide for, and her own upkeep is hardly inexpensive.
.  Preferences For Dogs As Pets A true cougar is a dog person, not a cat person.   Tell me, is this not the only redemptive tonic in the drama of life.  And it says to me, with soft poignancy:  Ah, you men. Here some of the most commonly displayed traits of the modern cougar. To advise my fellow ROK readers on the nature of that huntress who stalks the lands, I have decided to list the most common features of the modern cougar.   You lust after our flesh, and seek to possess us, and to what end. More Fun, Less Baggage For Wheeler, younger men have been a natural fit for an energetic lifestyle that her male peers have never quite matched.


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