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Example: Did you see the skank who just came in. Example: That extra two pounds of chocolate sprinkles on my ice cream cone sure was supeflicious. Example: Be careful on your commute to work; the ice storm made the roads slippy australian slang for dating. Example: The freakin soybomb jumped up on stage and tried to sing. Many at college like to drink beer, conform, and screw around. B: Just standard issue, a carton of draught. supfest: Any meal prepared or eaten between supper and breakfast.

Example: When the flashy new starbucksian restaurant put the diner out of business, the neighborhood was finally considered upscale. (You can figure them out) Example: BILL: i hate u dumma_24 DUMMA_24: well u suxOr BILL: oh. I had a hard time describing it to my young kids as car or a truck or an SUV--didn t make sense to them. Smarch: The stupid month between March and April that is invariably cold. Snartass: Another version of smartass Example: She was being a snartass today. Example: Bill: Why don t you just tell me where it is. Example: You left the beer in the hot sun.

Example: Stop that you sunuva, I cried angrily. Example: As I saw him pick a piece of slipcake my friends and I started laughing because we knew he was going to drop it. spilled-the-shasimem: phrase used to confuse people in authority who are getting in your way and trying to give you a hard time Example: Sir I will need to see some ID Ummm, you spilled-the-shasimem, right there some shasimem.
. shorts: The smokable remains of a cigarette australian slang for dating. Straubian: (adj) Used to describe unnatural luck or good fortune Example: His Straubian luck came through when he found a quarter on the floor, allowing him to pay his lunch bill in full. slappy: When one is prone to slapping others for unknown reasons; or for sheer self-amusement. spitaloved: Someone who like to spend time in the hospital, a place where he feels at home, and sometimes even better, without any motivation.

slutty-man-whore: To do stuff ineffectually and uselessly, frequently annoying to other people. .

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